Just west of downtown Boise exciting activities are occuring. Whitewater. Wildlife. Culture. Community. Ventures.

Take a ride or a walk on the new north-south Whitewater Park Boulevard connecting State Street with Fairview Avenue and Main Street—and see why the West End is designed for greatness. Tree-lined and in flow with the Boise River, the much-anticipated thoroughfare showcases the mixed-use neighborhoods, commercial possibility, and natural beauty of the area.

The West End beckons people, enterprise and play.

Celebrate the mix.


The West End is culturally, architecturally, and community rich. A downtown stronghold of affordable and diverse housing, single-family homes, townhouses, condos, and apartments with commercial hubs designed to serve the surrounding neighborhoods. Visit the stunning synagogue, mosque, and Russian and Greek Orthodox churches—plus the food festivals they sponsor annually. Refugees are growing a future at Jordan Street Gardens. Public art is planned for the roundabout and other locations throughout the area.

Business boom.

Over 10% of the West End is ready for development, with a workforce of 40,000+ within 2 miles. With a $9 million investment in the breakthrough Whitewater Park Boulevard and over $25 million in the area as a whole, this area is poised for the big-time. Investors and entrepreneurs are taking note and embracing this asset.

Talk about a playground.

Parkland and outdoor possibility abound in the West End. Start on the Greenbelt—following the Boise River—that runs through it. Explore the Veterans Memorial Park, Bernardine Quinn Riverside Park, the made-for-whitewater Boise River Park, plus the 55-acre Esther Simplot Park coming soon. For wildlife viewers, fishers, kayakers, paddlers, swimmers, cyclers, and so many more: welcome to your new outdoor experience.

“City plans, developed in part with community and private sector input, call for an ambitious mix of housing, amenities, technology jobs and creative/athletic people flooding the west side over the next five, 10 and 20 years. Mayor David Bieter calls it ‘a new urban form’ indigenous to Boise, that we don’t even have the language to describe yet…”

—BSU SSPA Research, “Rethinking the Void,” Jan. 2014


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